Vikings: The Untold Story of a Legendary People

by Shahzaib Akhtar
Vikings The Untold Story of a Legendary People

In 941 AD, the Norsemen, a nation of Scandinavia, set sail to conquer new territory. Guided by Odin, their god of war, they pillaged villages and towns and killed everyone in their path. The North Atlantic is once again ripe for the taking. Odin has chosen Erik the Red to start a new Vikings clan, leading them into battle.

Vikings Story

Vikings’ legacy is of cultural and historical significance, and the Untold Story of a Legendary People explores their fascinating history in detail.

Erik’s daughter Ingrid believes she has been summoned by her father to help him rally support for his campaign. Ingrid is determined to get her father’s attention, but Erik is fighting an internal battle with his daughter and the gods that haunt him from his past.

Thor, the god of thunder and rain, was the first to arrive in the form of a storm and forced Erik’s ship back to shore. Thor gives Erik an ultimatum: he must not attack the native people of this land, or else Thor will cause his death. Instead, Thor suggests Erik settle down and begin a new Viking colony with him.

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Erik agrees, but Ingrid is furious at her father for agreeing to a deal he cannot keep. Ingrid leaves the territory in frustration and follows a Viking expedition led by Leif Ericson. He has just arrived on North American shores hundreds of years later in search of new land to conquer.

Ingrid and Leif fall in love, but Ingrid is afraid to surrender herself to love for fear of losing her identity as a Valkyrie. After returning with Leif, she tells him she will not live without being needed by the Valkyries and that he should marry someone else.

Leif refuses and attempts to take Ingrid back, but she runs away from him in sadness a second time. Leif attempts to rescue her from the ice again, but she is killed in an accident. In the end, Leif marries Aslaug and tells Ingrid that he would have married her regardless of any fear of losing his identity as a Viking.

In the first scene, Ingrid is a young girl who runs away from her father to follow in her mother’s footsteps as a Valkyrie. Just before she leaves, she tells him he should let her go if he loves her.

Leif tells his son Bjorn who knows much about Vikings and helps him track Ingrid down. Ingrid also tracks down Leif when reuniting, telling them that this is not where she wants to be and doesn’t need their help. Ingrid runs off to a new town and starts a new life.

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