The Walking Dead Season 11: What We Know So Far

by Shahzaib Akhtar
The Walking Dead Season 11

Many humans decide they want to keep fighting zombies to survive. Rick Grimes and his people, the Alexandrians, live in a makeshift community of tents and shacks. Rick comes by Gabriel Stokes (The Walking Dead), who offers him a jar of instant oatmeal.

The Walking Dead Story

Rick is suspicious, yet Gabriel claims he found it in a dumpster and that he has no ulterior motives. Rick reluctantly accepts, but as he returns to his tent, he throws up after eating the oatmeal. Rick and Michonne are walking down the street when Michonne finds a dead body labeled “Made in Georgia.”

They find that there are many such bodies in the street. Rick goes to investigate an armory when he hears shots from inside. He breaks down a door to find Negan shooting at walkers and some Alexandrians who had managed to avoid becoming zombies (and converted most of the area into “a wasteland of death“).

the walking dead
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One of them tells him that Negan had killed Carl and delivered him to them for a “tribute” for the safe passage of the community. Rick furiously confronts Negan and kills several of his men, then grabs Negan’s bat as he escapes. The fight spills outside, and Rick bashes Negan’s head with his weapon.

After killing Negan, a group of Alexandrians arrives in the armory to find him dead (though they are unaware of who did it) and a severely injured Carl. Rick is sitting behind the bed, looking down at Carl. Who has lost an eye and is bleeding from his head.

In “The Damned,” Rick tries to reunite with Carl by going to the Hilltop Colony after he helped them fight the Saviors. However, as soon as they see each other, Carl runs away and hides behind Maggie’s leg.

Daryl finds him and brings him back to where everyone else is waiting. Rick pleads for Carl to forgive him, but Carl refuses, stating he does not trust Rick anymore.

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