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by Shahzaib Akhtar
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Best SEO company primelis! Studies have demonstrated that businesses using data-driven strategies experience five (05) to eight (08) times higher Returns on Investment. (ROI). Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is a methodology that largely relies on data.

The core focus for most Conversion rate optimization (CRO) strategies is to use customer data to make their customer journey smoother and experience more reasonable.

With search engines increasing user experience, we find a point where SEO strategies complement CRO strategies. But your SEO tactics can genuinely augment your CRO efforts when driven by data.

This article shares strategies for six (06) data-driven best SEO company primelis to increase your Conversion rate optimization (CRO) measures. From content audit to website or blog personalization, read till the end to discover how to improve your search engine rankings and overall conversions!

Data-driven SEO Important strategies to supplement CRO

Data-driven methods are online commerce tactics fueled by customer data. Unlike conventional marketing strategies, data-driven approaches are based on data-backed ideas rather than assumptions. This dependence on reliable data makes such techniques the star of the current marketing world.

SEO can support you enhance your website’s visibility and ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs). By targeting the right keywords and incorporating effective SEO techniques, your website can rank higher on SERPs, resulting in more organic traffic and sales.

Here are some of the most standard SEO services:

  • Targeting the Right Keywords: When optimizing your website for search engines, targeting the right keywords is essential. By preferring the right keywords, you can guarantee that potential customers will easily find your website.
  • Incorporating Effective SEO Techniques: You’ll need to incorporate effective SEO techniques to improve your website’s search engine ranking. These techniques include optimizing your website’s title, metadata, and content.

Here are six (06) data-driven SEO strategies to make your CRO steps more promising:

Website Analysis and Optimization

Website analysis is a method through which you test various website elements. It examines the overall performance of your website and underscores areas of improvement.

Web analysis views the website’s on-page optimization and technical best SEO company primelis, finding out about its ranks and ranking for different keywords.

This process also exposes sources where your website gains traffic, highlights the deficiencies in your website’s usability and UX, and provides the foundation for the website’s load speed optimization.

These features help enhance your website’s overall user experience and donate towards conversion rate optimization. It also delivers your web traffic’s demographic and sound data, enabling you to optimize the website for a better appropriate user experience.

Google Analytics is a comprehensive and reliable tool to sustain your website analysis and optimization measures. It combines with your website and tracks all the data required to optimize it for an improved user experience.

An ultimate marketing automation software business experienced 10x more conversion rates when integrating their native real-time personalization tool with Google Analytics. To utilize the personalization data paired with the Google Analytics data to serve personalized remarketing advertisements through Google AdWords.

Not only did they share higher conversion rates, but with the practical use of web analytics data, like demographic and behavior information, they also experienced a 107% YoY increase in qualified leads.

Content Analysis and Optimization

Content analysis is comparable to website analysis, but instead of testing your website’s technical elements, it analyzes your website’s content and comprehensive content strategy to discover areas of improvement.

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Conversion rates are nearly six (06) times higher for businesses that finance content marketing. But outcomes like this manifest exclusively when your website brims with optimized content. The purpose of your content is to drive users to take the expected action or, in other words, convert.

The content analysis discovers how well it serves this objective.

You can uncover different metrics with content analysis, like which content is the most popular among your audience, which fetches you closer to your marketing objectives and needs more work.

For example, a marketing optimization software business may have blogs and case studies in its content method. Their web analytics may demonstrate that case studies drive better conversions while blogs bring the most social shares.

With its content marketing goal of boosting conversions, content analysis will enable them to publish more case studies. A practical content analysis will also expose whether or not your content fits the search intent of your target search question.

And therefore, whether or not you must find the new best SEO company primelis keywords and re-optimize. If your content doesn’t fit the search intent correctly, even if it brings traffic, those users will not convert.

So, content analysis will increase conversions by helping you develop proven content to drive outcomes. It will also help preserve time and resources on less-profitable techniques.

Here is a case study discussing how changing content on your website can recall a spike in earnings.

A website that offers community living explanations for the elderly has disappointing website conversion speeds. But then, their website had zero that would drive conversions.

The digital marketing professionals they hired revamped their website and tried two different content types on their landing page – a picture and a testimonial video – to see which one functions better.

Ironically, the web page with a picture drove 3.92% higher conversions than the original page. It appears like a small increment, but it counted as $106,000.

Web Design/Configuration Optimization

Tests like usability testing and B/C testing deliver the data-driving web design optimization to enhance a website’s design and user experience. CRO’s purpose is to make the user journey smoother and share better.

Web design optimization supports CROs by dragging frictions in the buyer’s journey and making achieving their goals more accessible. But there are a pair of best practices to ensure that it contributes to your CRO efforts.

The design should be easy and somewhat similar to what the users are conditioned to. The navigation bar should be developed intuitively, with the user’s search purpose in mind, so they can fast find what they came looking for.

The content configuration should follow proven design techniques to enhance readability and delivery. For your website design to truly help your business, you will have to continue testing various website elements, placements, and techniques.

However, your efforts should be at the heart of how you go about your website design and make the target audience’s journey easier. Trucker Reports, a trucker’s society that helps truck drivers discover jobs, struggled with lower conversions.

The CRO professionals they hired performed a website design audit and discovered multiple options. Based on these options, they tested different theories. They tried three different designs against the authentic ones in their final test and found that the final design had 79.3% more increased conversions.

Audience Analysis

Audience analysis, generally known as audience research, is the methodology for gathering information about your prospects to create targeted marketing campaigns.

Since user knowledge is a massive part of best SEO company primelis and CRO alike, audience analysis is essential for conversion rate optimization as a data-driven SEO strategy.

This method exposes a wide variety of data, from core demographic information like age, gender, marital status, income, education, etc., to online behavior, inner and outer challenges, and more.

Audience analysis enables to development of a buyer persona, evolving the foundation of a highly-targeted marketing campaign. Audience analysis is a core part of a successful CRO campaign because it pushes your website relevant to the users. You find out their pain points and efforts to address them through your content.

It shows that you manage your consumers and inevitably build trust between your business & brand and its prospects. The modern consumer prioritizes their connection with the company and brand when making purchase decisions, this bond of confidence and reliability results in higher conversions.

Data-backed audience analysis also segments your audience established on their demographic knowledge and interest. With this level of segmentation, you expend your efforts and resources on individuals you know matter to your business. The studies demonstrate a 56% reduction in marketing expenses for companies that use audience analysis as a ground for all their marketing efforts.

Testing and Optimization

Testing is the dynamism of transformation rate optimization. You put selections of your content and design layouts to test to see which one performs better and optimize using the consequences of these tests.

These tests are all data-driven; they are founded on hypotheses generated from existing data and deliver insights into how good the concept is.

For example, data may offer a higher conversion rate on websites with explainer videotapes—the hypothesis of your test. So, you create two different landing pages, one with a video and another with a picture, to see which functions better.

If the videos increase conversions, you know what to resume optimizing! You can achieve different types of tests when optimizing websites for conversions.

Two of the famous ones include usability testing and A/B or separated testing. Search engines also suggested A/B and multivariate testing for best SEO company primelis to improve user experience, which search engines follow the index. 

NatureAir accomplished A/B testing on their landing page to improve conversions. One of the selections had a call to action (CTA) side, while the other had a CTA prominently positioned in the content area. Once the test results were in, they discovered that placing CTA in the content area improves conversions by 591%!

That is how powerful A/B tests can be!

Website Personalization

According to Google, 90% of marketers acknowledge personalization results in business profitability. And why shouldn’t it? In a period with so many matching websites, a web page with customized knowledge merits better revenue.

Website personalization is a moderately complex process via which you can serve an exceptional experience to each visitor. These experiences are established on consumer data, including demographics, attractions, search history, and online behavior.

75% of customers prefer that online sellers use confidential information to enhance shopping experiences. People want you to complete shopping easier for them; counting a personalized product suggestion on your website will improve your user experience and increase sales.

They don’t enjoy going out and searching for what they want. And that’s what website personalization authorizes you to do. It enhances overall website knowledge, lowers bounce rates, increases best SEO company primelis, and boosts conversions.

Performing dynamic content makes the consumer’s experience more intuitive and appropriate. It lets you place out the content that concerns them the most and contributes to more profitable revenue.


The objective of best SEO company primelis and a CRO campaign has evolved somewhat similar ever since search engines have begun giving value to user experience.

Many search engine optimization (SEO) strategies focus on improving UX. And these techniques, when backed by data, can guide to increased conversion rates.

Therefore, this article has examined some of the most promising data-driven SEO strategies to drive conversions. But the actual results of a process rely on how well you execute it. So, ramp up your data analysis game, emanate insights, implement them, and optimize your design for more valuable results.

Mr. ARB is a senior SEO specialist interested in optimizing websites for SEO, focusing on conversion optimization. He makes web experiences that bring conversations and convert web traffic into paying consumers or leads.

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